sometimes + this and that (the sequel)

Sometimes I infused a BUNCH of vodka with fruit, like nectarine/raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry. Sometimes I have one of each flavor in a row in a Moscow Mule with a splash of St. Germaine and life is forever different. And finally Shiner Ruby Redbird is here with summer. P.S. DENIM FOREVER. Sometimes all I want is to hang out in your backyard. Let’s just trade sunglasses and try to eat kabobs and mostly talk about…

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Breakfast Grilled Cheese: Brie, Jam, and Chocolate Chunk Egg Bread

My favorite day is Sunday because lately it involves a good breakfast, bike-riding, and beers. Yesterday this was the breakfast that got my day going. It was a good start to a day full of sunshine. And I think I’m tan! … and by tan I mean kinda freckled. I want you guys to know something. I want you to know that nobody feels like the third wheel in this breakfast. Strawberry jam, brie, and…

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Party Time

Grilled Cheese Party

Over the summer my entire immediate family was in town! This is rare, you see. We’re split up between Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota. So I figured it’d be fun to get a family portrait or two taken. We don’t really have very many family pictures together. I asked my homegirl Cybelle Codish if she’d be down with taking a few photos, and she said yeah! It turned out the photos were going to be taken at lunch time,…

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