Mushroom Shortbread Cookies

Mushrooms are one of the cutest vegetables. They remind me of gnomes and fairy tails. So thanks, nature! Thanks for mushrooms, acorns, and mini pinecones. Nature’s just cute, you guys. So these cookies resemble a vegetable, but are just cookies. They’re late for the whole dressing-up-for-Halloween-thing. They taste like crumb-y good shortbread. I just might want to dunk them in jam like┬áthese guys. P.S. Mostly I ate two in a row, really quick, while these…

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Mushroom Veloute topped with Buttermilk Blinis

I’m getting excited about spring. I want to be surrounded by warm green instead of cold white; I want fresh vegetables and spices in my life and in my soup. I had my friend Katie over for dinner this weekend and I was excited to give this recipe a try… Mainly because last week I discovered that “blinis” exist. And who wouldn’t want a mini savory pancake? This soup and pancake combo is pretty, luxurious…

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