Blackberry Maple Hottie Toddy (AKA Maker’s Mark Hot Tea Toddy)

Next time you’re snowed in, ya might wanna make sure you have these ingredients on hand. It’s the perfect pre-nap/post-brunch drink. Or! You could even bring the ingredients to ur next party! Then you can tell everyone you’re bringing a hottie to the party, which we all know is what ya want (and I want) to do. Blackberry Maple Hottie Toddy (serves 1) 1 T blackberry-infused maple syrup (recipe below) 1 oz Maker’s Mark Whiskey…

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Boozy Eggnog Milkshake w/ Maker’s 46

Things that make me happy: Elliot, brunch, NAPS, metallic shoes, pink Christmas trees, silver Christmas trees, mini Christmas trees and boozy milkshakes. So when Maker’s Mark contacted me and was all “Hey girl, want to make an eggnog cocktail with fancy bourbon?!” I responded with a super profesh-ish, “Hell yeah.” Or something like that. When I think of eggnog, I think of it kinda as drinking an ice cream base. Which is weird of me,…

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