My Tiramisu Birthday Cake {made by Jake}

Jake won’t let me bake my own birthday cake. He thinks that’d be ridiculous. So for my birthday (last week) he took it into his own hands. When he asked what kind of cake I wanted, it turned out tiramisu was the sweet treat I was dreaming of. Jake set to work finding just the right recipe. Dorie Greenspan hooked him up with a dreamy cake that tastes just┬álike the layered dessert! It’s a birthday…

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Jake + a pork butt + my biscuits

Jake’s a really good cook. Did you guys know that? He even makes dinner three out of the four nights that he’s not working. It’s pretty nice of him. That up there is what he made Tuesday. It’s an Oklahoma chopped pork sandwich topped with a vinegar based coleslaw. I made the Denver Biscuits, but the rest of it was all Jake. That meat was pretty much a full day of work too. It smokes…

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