Almond Milk Spiced Hot Cocoa

I like to heat this up on the stove all casual-like in my favorite tights/dress combo. It pairs well with Pinterest perusing, recipe planning, BFF chit-chat, pup hugging, fireside hanging, record listening, neon nail painting and pink moccasin slipper wearing. You see, not to get all new years resolution-y on you guys, but I think I need to get my self-care in order. And this hot cocoa (and all those pairings) are helping me do just…

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S’mores Hot Cocoa

This weekend needed a little bit of hot cocoa. Most of it was so great! But sometimes when your pup pee-walks over your shoe and then poops in your car the only thing to do is drink hot cocoa by your borrowed pink christmas tree with your new magazine and just muster up a mental fireplace to complete the picture. But mostly you guys… graham cracker honey marshmallows?! These s’mores-ify the heck out of this super…

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Wintertime Favorites

Hope you’re having a lovely and magical, winter! One filled with surprise presents in the mail, plenty of hot cocoa, cookies, goat cheese, and holiday beers galore. Just thought I’d share some things that I’m loving  (now and forever-ever like Andre 3000). 1 // Fondue Pot of My Dreams. My online lady friend Sarah (who takes such lovely photos) mailed me this fondue pot! I pinned it awhile ago so she knew I loved it! It…

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