Party Time

The 4th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year we celebrated with brunch (again)! The flat is currently covered in pink, red, and gold. There are buntings, fringe, and glitter everywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s on my face right now. I was super into painting things gold and fringe, this year. I even gave the table a fringe-y skirt since the craft paper wasn’t wide enough to cover the whole thing. (Lookin’ good, table!) Eventually I put some chili…

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Christmas 2011 – A Recap

I hope you all the best holiday! We ate tasty-goodness, as is our tradition. We wrote out the menu for our feast Christmas Eve. It involved breakfast, daytime snacking, and a big dinner. I made us sweet and savory crepes for breakfast. Half with strawberry jam, strawberries, and brie, and the rest were filled with crispy proscuitto, gruyere, and spinach. I’m the sweetie to Jake’s savory. We’re a food ying-yang. I pick dessert and he picks…

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