Mum Visit (a recap)

Mom visit // take a megabite

I hung up decorations in my room so my mom had a party room while I couched it. Elliot made sure it was comfy and fun in there. I gave her some Frank body scrub and we got manicures and brunch and sprinkled confetti on the sidewalk and took Photo Booth pictures and had such a nice time!

Mom visit // take a megabite

So last Friday, I picked her up from the airport and we headed straight to dinner! We split a salad, gobbled up arancini and bruschetta and even split a pizza at Ottava Via (one of Ben and my favorites).

Mom visit // take a megabite

Saturday we got coffee and a snack at Red Hook with my boo and then we popped over to Eastern Market. My mom bought me flowers to plant. (This was the first time there was ever real confidence in my plant-care. I’m kinda the worst at them.) Then we made hibiscuits for shortcakes and bourbon chocolate cake for these parfaits for a lil party I threw Monday evening.

Mom visit // take a megabite

Sunday was Mother’s Day! I made us chai at home before we headed to Gold Cash Gold for brunch. We started off with a lemon bar/cinnamon roll appetizer. My brother got a dreamy burger. My mom and I both got waffles. I opted for the chicken & waffles tho. The chicken was a crispy dream that had a pickle brine. They were all “It’s half of a chicken, so it’s a lot.” “I was all ‘WHOA’ and then I finished it because I’m a real champ.” I’ll split a large pizza with you right now for bonding.


Monday we ate macarons (cookies & cream, birthday cake and s’mores) for an appetizer and omelets and stuff for brunch at Commonwealth. My mom was pretending to drink my Americano through the window. Can you believe it?! We tried on lots of shirts and purses at Anthropologie after.

P.S. Check out this recap from before, if you want!

4 thoughts on “Mum Visit (a recap)”

  1. I LOVED my visit..it was fun, tasty, and just wonderful in every way…thanks so very much… and keep watering those flowers!!! I love you, mum

  2. It sounds like you had a great time with your Mum! She’s adorable!
    Now that I’m older I love having dates with my parents. Mum and my sister and I do high tea and shopping and lady stuff, and then Dad and I check out old movies and architectural exhibits at the museum.
    Also, s’more macaron! I need to get my hands on one of those 🙂

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