Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule // take a megabite

This song makes me dance, this picture makes me happy, this dude makes me swoon, and this drink reminds me of going to New York, and Christmas Eve and Green Dot Stables. I love it!

Moscow Mule // take a megabite

And there’s something so special about drinking this out of a copper mug. And there’s something even more special about making your own ginger beer. And well, I’d like to whip these up and cheers with a hottie! I’d like to sip these and dance around, and then go on a winter walk, arms linked because of the ice. The moral of the story is: this drink makes me feel like adventuring.

Moscow Mule // take a megabite

So, go ahead! Whip this up! Gift it! Keep it! Serve it! Drink it! Toast it! Chug it! Just know that it’s dreamy, and will probably make you want to dance in your upper flat in shoes even though it’s totally disrespectful to your downstairs neighbor.

Moscow Mule // take a megabite

Print out the recipe right HERE!

P.S. This particular copper cup is from The Shoppe at Torino!

38 thoughts on “Moscow Mule”

  1. I seriously love everything about the images and layout and dancey music in this post. Gurl you got it going on!

    Also that ginger beer?! Hell to the yeah! It’s way too expensive in the store and this looks so easy.

  2. ummm, so I am in love w/ that textile (?) in the back of some of these shots. Would you share where you found it?? Also, this drink looks divine!

  3. Absolutely LOVE Moscow Mules! I like to make them with fruit and tea infused vodkas. Plum and vanilla bean vodka and blackberry jam vodka are my favorite! Just muddle fruit (or loose leaf tea or jam) in a jar, top with vodka, cap and refrigerate for a a week or so. I just keep topping them off with more unflavored vodka as I use it. The fruit doesn’t go bad (since it’s essentially preserved in the alcohol) just loses it’s color over time.

  4. I am already a fan of the Moscow Mule, but I didn’t realize/think about the fact that you can make homemade ginger beer! What a revelation! I definitely see that in my future. I would love to thrift the perfect copper pitcher/mugs, but I don’t see myself buying any new right now. It would make a great gift though!

  5. This is amazing. I developed an insatiable obsession with ginger over the last year, especially ginger beer!! Seriously can’t wait to try this. I discovered a new cocktail last weekend called The Presbyterian (funny, because that’s what I am!) which is bourbon, bitters, and ginger beer. Woah.

  6. My husband + I are obsessed with Moscow Mules lately. Love the idea of making your own ginger beer. Who knew it was so simple?? Love that first photo! Is it bad that I could go for one at 9am on a Monday?

  7. the last time i was in a restaurant that had copper mugs,i had to give them my drivers license until i was finished with the mule and handed their mug back.

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