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by Megan on July 22, 2015

Portland // take a megabite

Let’s start with a side note. I loved Portland so much, that I’m going  back next month and tossing bunny-topped Seattle in the mix. HELL YES + OMG + Here we go:

Blogger livin’ happy hour happened in the upstairs of a hotel with a view as cute as your face. Just kidding, nothing can beat your face.

Portland // take a megabite

Cindy took me to Heart Roasters where the iced coffee is a dream and you leave wanting to get it together turntable style while shopping for hang-worthy flags on Etsy.

Portland // take a megabite

Grassa is the kinda place where the pasta is as good as the cocktails. (I’ll get into this more in the food post, to come. Saving the best for last, obvz.)

Portland // take a megabite

Schoolhouse Electric is cute inside and out. I could’ve moved in there. Napped on the card catalogue booths and bought all the light fixtures for my rental. It really inspired me to toss out the through pillows I got when I first moved into my flat that Elliot’s napped on and I’ve splashed pizza on.

Portland // take a megabite

The outside is just as cute. The garage doors are painted Mermaid’s Treasure. That’s the technical term, duh.

Portland // take a megabite

Broder Nord had my heart as soon as Cindy suggested we get donut-esque appetizers. I’d like to hang near the pastries and maybe even go there alone one day to sit there zen-like and let all the thoughts I’ve been avoiding empower me or something.

Portland // take a megabite

Olympic Provisions is the kinda place where you want to get the huge hot dog, but you also want the meat-y sandwich with an apple slaw. Luckily, Cindy is the kinda champ who wants to try as many different things as I do and is also fun and cute like her lil bb Casper.

Portland // take a megabite

Love is real whether you have to find it on a run where a cat is gazing at you or whether you’re eating an ice cream cone the size of your femur and you can’t even keep yourself from shooting it against that lovely mint-y sea foam color with your lady friend.

Portland // take a megabite

Can you tell I love this city?! Can you tell how much I want to have home there and here and everywhere with a backyard, an oven and a dream?!

(P.S. Keep an eye out for the Portland FOOD post to come! Check out the FLOWERS, SOLO PARKING posts, tho.)

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Sophie July 28, 2015 at 5:18 pm

Girl! I love some of the spots you highlighted here (Grassa! Olympic!). So pleased you enjoyed our side of the country and excited that you’re returning soon! Let me know if you need a third wheel at any time okayyy <3 <3


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