Let’s Go To Albuquerque!

Let's Go To Albuquerque // take a megabite

Albuquerque is a magical place. The truth is, I’m down with anywhere where the skies are deep, the lavender margaritas flow like wine and the peacocks are chill.

Let's Go To Albuquerque // take a megabite

My favorite place on this whole trip was Los Poblanos. Not only was it a beautiful inn/organic lavender farm, but the restaurant on the grounds, La Merienda, was a dream.

Let's Go To Albuquerque // take a megabite

I even was able to ride a bike around the lavender fields AND there was a cat named Tater Tot. What else matters?! I might’ve tipped over into a bush on this cute cruiser. It mighta been worth it. I might’ve taken a bath every day I was there with their lavender bath salts.

Let's Go To Albuquerque // take a megabite

I came home feeling chill about eating duck, feeling even more free about hanging flags all over my apartment and even more into dirty chai tea.

Let's Go To Albuquerque // take a megabite

We want on a serious brewery bike ride. I’m talkin’ on busy roads, up major hills, and I was wearing my tightest jeans. That third thing made riding a boy bike tricky. Really had to swing that leg, ya know?

Let's Go To Albuquerque // take a megabite

That margarita, I mean, YOGArita, had st. germaine in it and less sugar than the norm. It was good, and I drank it at 11am.

My favorite thing the whole trip was that fry bread you see down there. It was like a made-to-order elephant ear topped with local honey and sugar. Basically, I would’ve taken a nap rolled up in one.

SO! Let’s go back to New Mexico and admire the sky, take all the baths, gaze at the giant cacti and drink drinks before noon.

Let's Go To Albuquerque // take a megabite


Pueblo Harvest Cafe | The Grove Cafe and Market | La Merienda | Corn Maiden | Farm and Table

Los Poblanos Historic Inn | Hyatt Regency Tamaya

Find more info + details on the ‘gram right here.
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6 thoughts on “Let’s Go To Albuquerque!”

  1. Los Poblanos looks beautiful! The kind of place a gal dreams about!
    Lets go hike/snack/nap in Albuquerque sooooon! <3

  2. Oh man! You were in my city! Where did this lavender margarita happen because I’m pretty much game for anything with lavender in it? Also, Los Poblanos has been on my list of places to check out, and now I want to go even more! So pretty!

    One more note, I am very impressed that you did a bike tour. I’m still getting used to the altitude 1 year in with regards to exercising. It’s so hard! I hope you enjoyed the amazing beer scene here! Come back again.

  3. ABQ is a stunning place, and you captured it awesomely. Seriously love your travels. Seeing through your eyes and stomach is fantastic. Always.

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