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Holidaze w Bruegger’s Bagels

It can be overwhelming to decorate for the holidays. But ya know what helps? Carb-loading. I recommend arming yourself with friends, Cranberry Orange Bruegger’s Bagels, Cranberry Orange Mimosas and all the cookie and craft supplies.

Add sprinkles to your bagel! Top it with a cookie! Yolo the hell out of this month. Not to be typical, you see, but rather to make it through. It’s a pressure-y time of year, so let’s lay off and go easy on ourselves. Only have time to make 4 pom-poms? I bet they’re really cute. Wanna eat a bagel, nap, then eat another? Live your life.

Do yourself a favor and get your bagels catered while you’re at it! And OMG, the Cranberry Orange bagels are available for a limited time so to grab them while you can. Hurry!

Full disclosure:

I was paid by Bruegger’s Bagels to promote their product. But don’t let that make you feel weird. My love for turning bagels as holiday motivation is real. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that help me keep doing what I love.




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