Favorites on February 1

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You guys! I have stuff to say.

Things like, sometimes I go to the bathroom to get a break from situations. You know, reapply my lipstick (this only lately:┬áTarte Punch) and sort my head out. I’m a need-my-own-time type. (Even mid-dinner sometimes? Can any of you relate?) Some other more casual at-home breaks: I also like to read this book before bed. It helps me sort out happiness and staying present and gratitude! And this lady-power podcast has my heart. Have you listened to it yet?

In the food world: I need to make pizza again soon. Namely HEART-shaped, right? And I love love love banana pudding. I wanna make Cindy’s remix of it. Maybe with bourbon?

In the beauty world: I am getting this major urge to chop my hair off again. I’m trying to hang tough, but this summer it’ll probably happen. I mean this is so cute! And! I just ordered this cleanser. Can’t wait!

Anyhow, I’ll be back later this week or next week AT LEAST with a Galentine’s cocktail. Get ready!

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7 thoughts on “Favorites on February 1”

  1. Do you read the Lenny newsletter by Lena and Jenni Konner? It features many admirable ladies and I think you might like it! The haircut is so cute, but your current bang/hair situation is ON POINT. Seriously!

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