Custard & Co. {date night}

Our apartment is a major hottie. And not in the “good-looking” way, but rather in the “too hot to make a salad” way.

So we opted to go out for dinner (again), and follow it up with frozen custard. I’m a waffle cone kind of girl. Jake’s a rainbow sprinkle kind of guy.¬†We talked about tattoos and shorts.

I totally recommend you try this place. The chocolate custard reminds me of French Silk pie, and that’s my favorite! They take credit cards, so that’s nice of them. It makes me feel less worried about saving change in the cup holder in my car for ice cream emergencies.

4 thoughts on “Custard & Co. {date night}”

  1. it’s been SO HOT. frozen treats and dinner made by other people helps. also, chocolate custard that tastes like french silk pie…whoa. amazing.

    we went to Dairy Dan 2 nights in a row. it was necessary. they take credit cards too…thank goodness!

  2. True that. I’m glad you hung out with Dan. He just knows how to sell that ice cream.

    P.S. Can you believe our power went out last night!? It was 95 degrees in our apartment. Ah!

  3. Yeah man, I’m pretty sure Voldemort was behind it. ha!

    We stayed in a hotel. There was no way to live with it so hot!

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