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Chicken & Waffles Lady Dinner

Sometimes my lady friends and I cook together. We’ve made fajitas, appetizers-for-dinner goodness, pizza, and then fajitas again. This time we had chicken and waffles on our minds.

We chit-chatted, drank vodka sodas with lemon, and ate our tasty dinner. We had honey, maple syrup, and hot sauce for topping.

My favorite was maple syrup and cholula. Who knew those two would be so dreamy together?

So, the moral of the story is this. You should totally invite your favorites over and make this tasty meal!

Fried Chicken
Adapted from this recipe. It was good! can’t wait to try it on my own.

Belgian Beer Waffles
I switched out the vanilla and sprinkled black pepper in the batter.

Cole Slaw
This recipeΒ is similar. Celery seed! Who knew?

Zesty Mac & Cheese
I used sharp cheddar and parmesan and plenty of chipotle smoked pepper.

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