Cafe Caramel

Cafe Caramel // take a megabite

I had a wild and crazy weekend. And by wild, I mean I was baking all Friday night (making the dessert for my friend’s baby shower) and ended up with brownie batter on my bra strap. And by crazy, I painted a pretty solid heart on my nails (Valentine-mani style) on Saturday night. Sunday, after a solid breakfast, I decided to make some salted caramel sauce and pop it into three recipes for you guys this week!

Cafe Caramel Steps // take a megabite

So, my first job ever was at The Coffee Beanery. I met some of my favorite friends there! I had my worst haircut there! I slipped and fell and ended up with half and half in my ear there! Anyhow, the Cafe Caramel was pretty much the most popular drink (it might still be?), and my mom always ordered it. It’s as simple as caramel, cream, and coffee! So I figured I’d make it for you guys, so that you can make it for yourself on Valentine’s Day morning! Make it in a travel mug and sip it on the way to work! Or mix it up for your boo, or your neighbor, or pack up the components and give them to your mom, or your favorite work friend. It’s quite tasty, so do it up! FIRST you’ll need to make some salted caramel sauce*. You’re going to need it this week.

*Recipe below!

Cafe Caramel // take a megabite

Cafe Caramel (serves 1)
Recipe from my barista days


  • 1 T salted caramel sauce
  • 1 1/2 t cream
  • coffee, to fill the mug
  • whipped cream and more caramel, to top


  1. Place caramel in the bottom of a mug. Cover with cream. Top with coffee and stir until mixed. Top with whipped cream and more caramel sauce.

Yay! Click HEREย for a printable pdf of the recipe above.

Salted Caramel // take a megabite

For Valentine’s week I’m using this salted caramel sauce in 3 recipes starting with this one!

30 thoughts on “Cafe Caramel”

  1. this just made my week. possibly my life.

    i got cookie dough in my hair this weekend (and didn’t find it til later?), so i feel ya with the brownie batter/bra strap bit.

    1. Christmas it the holiday that makes me totes grumpy, so I hear ya. ๐Ÿ™‚ You deserve this drink every single day! You da bomb!

  2. OMG I miss Cafe Carmels! My BFF and I used to drink them all the time when there was a Coffee Beanery of UofM’s campus! Now I get one every time I fly out of DTW! I will definitely be making one of these for myself this weekend…thanks for the reminder, Megan!

  3. Currently a barista, but all I ended up with this week was random kitten kibble in my hair. Your week sounds so much better!!

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