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Blondies + my Elliot cookie cutter

Yesterday I made pumpkin blondies and they kinda never seemed cooked. They are moosh squoosh, but still kinda good somehow because of the whole chemistry between pumpkin and chocolate. They were disappointing though based on the whole squishy thing.

Last summer I made blondie cupcakes. They were hollow somehow. Hollow. I don’t know how they did it, but they were weird and I’m still kinda mad at them.┬áBlondies and I are through for now. We aren’t friends. I wouldn’t wave at one if I saw it walking down the street.*

P.S. I now have an Elliot cookie cutter. Can you even believe it?


There are plenty of pumpkin recipes and christmas cookie recipes coming up, and I REALLY recommend you making that French Silk pie down there. I kinda miss it already.

* If you love blondies, send me a recipe and I’ll totally give it a try, but for now my heart lies with brownies. Every variation, count me in. (And really there should be a reddie. For the redheads out there, like myself.)

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