Party Time

The 7th Annual Valentine’s Brunch

Sunday was the 7th Annual Valentine’s Brunch! And it was super fun. It involved: cheese plates, mimosas, a few fried things and even flower crowns. (They’re pretty easy to make, if you can even believe it). We all hung out and ate tons of food and drank mimosas by the pitcher.  I kinda wish I would’ve eaten more! And my friends did secret dishes and it made the clean-up so much easier. I feel so lucky…

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Veggie Burgers + Sweet Potato Fries

While Meghan with an “h” is all about that bass, I’m all about these veggie burgers. So much so that I made them twice in one week. I’m also all about that food processor for making these THAAAAT much easier. No meat. No treble. No problem. Sometimes veggie burgers are full of fake things, but these ones are real from the bottom to the top. Nothing weird just normal ingredients hanging out at your house.…

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