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Super Cheesy Potato Gratin

But for real… how do you say “gratin”? Does it rhyme with rotten? Is it more like afghan, but French-ish and without the “f”? Honestly, when I was telling people what I was making I felt like a weirdo. Like when you read a word a bunch but never say it out loud so when you do realize you don’t really know how to say it after all. But silly pronunciation aside, this gratin isn’t…

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Workin' It

Workin’ It: Roasted Veggie Salad + Savory Cupcakes + Tomato Soup

Sometimes shoots happen where you get to hang out at your own house by all your own windows. And then to invite your friends over for lunch to eat all the tasty photogenic food. That’s the best kind of shoot. You best believe! Vintage sheet music makes pretty cute photo backdrops. I want that little Rudolph by every wintry situation ever. I want fresh herbs sprinkled on every meal. And let’s have warm salads this…

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Zingerman’s is my favorite.

Zingerman’s Deli is one of my favorite places ever. I went there again yesterday and stood in line for awhile trying to decide whether I should get the Nathan’s Double Play hot dog of my dreams (I’ve gotten it twice!) or Randolph’s Grand Debut. I opted for the sandwich because I’ve wanted to try a croque monsieur for a long time. It was delicious! I might need to go back soon and get that hot…

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Party Time

The 4th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year we celebrated with brunch (again)! The flat is currently covered in pink, red, and gold. There are buntings, fringe, and glitter everywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s on my face right now. I was super into painting things gold and fringe, this year. I even gave the table a fringe-y skirt since the craft paper wasn’t wide enough to cover the whole thing. (Lookin’ good, table!) Eventually I put some chili…

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