Pumpkin Cheddar Muffins

This weekend has been a girly one. It involved mimosas, crafty wreath-making, casual chit chat over these muffins, and pumpkin pizza sharing. It’s been a good one. These muffins are perfect for spontanious brunching. Invite your BFF over while you’re in pajamas and while the muffins are still warm. Just do it. Everybody wins! But beware… These might make you curse out loud, because shut-the-front-door, they’re good. So you should probably try one before bringing…

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Olive Oil Mini Muffins with Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

I hope summer’s treating you well. I hope you’ve been driving around with your windows down listening to summer music. Have you been listening to She & Him and singing along to the Avett Brothers? Blaring Lady Gaga for the dance-y days? I hope your car never gets too hot and that your parking spot’s always in the shade. I hope you eat things like this for breakfast because they’re called muffins even though they…

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