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Monte Cristo Mac & Cheese Nuggets

Oh man, this is a sandwich in a mac & cheese outfit. These little nuggets taste exactly like a monte cristo! I mean, it’s totally a pasta miracle. And if you guys don’t want to fry this up, it’s ok! I know it’s early-ish on in the year and we’re trying to be health-concious. So, if you don’t want to fry it, then don’t bother. Bake it up and enjoy straight away, but just know…

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Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich

Let’s have waffles instead of bread. Let’s make sandwiches on pancakes. Let’s confuse our lunch with breakfast. Let’s live life like one big brunch. Let’s gaze at bubbliness. Let’s think some more about how yeast is magical. Let’s high-five the new waffle-maker. I’m Monte Cristo crazy. I’ve recently ordered Monte Cristo French Toast. I’ve eaten Monte Cristo Crepes. I made mini Monte Cristo sandwiches for new year’s eve. So just know that you’re the Monte…

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