Chocolate Chip Pancake Mini Muffins with a Brown Butter Maple Glaze

Because dessert needs to happen with a picnic lunch, and because I had a bunch of hay in my boots when I got home. You see, Friday, I took the day off and headed to Upland Hills Farms. My friend’s niece had a field trip, so a couple of us ladies went too! We made a giant Italian sandwich and a tasty orzo salad for our picnic lunch. And since this particular little girl loves…

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Spinach & Cheese Mini Muffins {revisited}

Sometimes you have to put a bright blanket on your couch because your couch is wearing out. Sometimes you have to clean your feelings. Sometimes you have to buy cereal every time you’re at the store even though you have some already. Sometimes you have to fall asleep on the blanket on the couch watching Bored to Death and then stumble-walk to bed at 1am. Sometimes you have to drink vodka sodas and make pulled…

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