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Greek Chicken Salad Livin’

I ate those pita chips up there for dinner. Then a few more forkfuls of this chicken salad right out of the jar! It’s really good. The kind you’re so excited to eat that you end up standing up in the kitchen dunking crackers in it. The kind you pack for lunch to share with your boyf. The kind you recommend over that weird deli biz every time. There’s no mayo up in here. The…

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Lunch with Wolfgang Puck

Last week I was e-mailed to see if I’d want to hang with Wolfgang Puck over lunch at his restaurant, Steak at the MGM Grand Casino. How unreal, right?! I RSVP-ed with a “Hell yes” and started getting excited. On Thursday, Nicole (of Dula Notes) sent me a text and she was invited too! Best news ever. We had the best time. When we arrived, we met Wolfgang and he invited us into the kitchen…

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Veggie Chili Sweet Potato Fries

The last time I remember eating chili cheese fries was carry-out style when I worked at Caribou Coffee. I was all, YOLO, let’s get chili cheese fries and eat them at the tall tables by the windows and live our lives like the mocha-serving girls we are with 2 braids and chocolate on our arms. So, not much as changed? I still have chocolate on my arms or face, but I’ve upped my chili fry…

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