Savory Sweet

Brunchiladas + Mimosaritas

I love enchiladas. So much so, that I’d like them for breakfast filled with eggs and chorizo. I’m all Dr. Suess about them. Please give them to me topped with salsa verde, out on the town, at the picnic table, for dinner, for breakfast, with leftovers, with newovers, topped with quickly whisked chili powder enchilada sauce, filled with BBQ, topped with gouda, topped with goat cheese. I just want them, ya know? So when I…

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White Pizza with Lemony Greens

While making this pizza I thought of a joke… It goes like this: Which cheese is the loneliest? (Any idea? Do you know!?) ProvALONE. Boom.  … And then I realized that’s not how you spell it. It’s provolone. Shucks. Worst joke ever? Maybe, because of the whole spelling issue, it’s the kind of joke that can only be told aloud. So anyhow, I had a pizza like this at Roberta’s in New York and I loved it.…

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