Let’s Go To Portland // Flowers

I went to Portland! And man-0-man, did I love it. I arrived and got a bloody mary for dinner with peach pie and chicken pie for dessert. (I realize now that that sounds totally wack, but I was so hungry from flying next to a couple that was giving each other massages and then the dude asked if his lady was ok when she sneezed… I was straight-line eyes and mouth emoji about it. She…

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Chocolate Orange Sherbet for Two

There’s something you should know. A couple weeks ago, while riding my bike, I ran over a remote control car. It was awkward for everyone. If it makes you feel any better, later on in that same bike ride, I almost fell while simultaneously losing my shoe and discussing pork tenderloin with grilled sweet potatoes. Karma, man. …like the time I paid at the art store in all dimes only to come outside to an exacto…

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