ingredients for a good weekend

Ingredients for a good weekend:

  • spinach and bleu cheese pizza + pepperoni pizza + chit chatting
  • Franziskaner drinking (It tastes like ice cream to me!)
  • summer walks
  • strawberry pancakes (I’m going to make these again soon to post!)
  • black bean burgers on light brioche burger buns + avocado fries
  • Lost in Translation watching
  • root beer floats
  • casual lounging, like Elliot up there. He’s really good at it.
  • Mad Men

How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one filled with tasty food.

4 thoughts on “ingredients for a good weekend”

  1. Beer that tastes like ice cream?! This I’ve GOT to try! That root beer float is looking tall, dark and handsome, by the way. Gorgeous!

    My weekend was quite lovely 🙂 It involved museums, a great dinner in San Francisco and homemade oatmeal waffles and Niman Ranch bacon. Very fun and relaxing all at once.

  2. You totally have to try that beer! It’s amazing. I’m not sure it really tastes like ice cream or if I just love it so much that it reminds me of ice cream. 🙂 Does that make sense?

    Thanks for calling that root beer float a hottie. 🙂

    OOh your weekend sounds like it was a perfect one. I want to try those oatmeal waffles. I was just looking at oatmeal pancake recipes.

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