Dip Dye Your Stuff {DIY}

I have plans to dip most of my apartment in gold. My teeny square coffee table is going to get gold-ified before you know it.

What I’m trying to say is that this is a fun way to take something you’ve had forever and make it fun and new again! For example, I bought that wooden apple for $.99 at a thrift store 5+ years ago. (I painted over the price tag that I never removed.) I’ve been using it as the nook to toss my keys when I get home. Oh, and it’s fun to paint baskets too. They turn into the perfect thing to give a gift in, or to gaze at. I can’t get over that turquoise with gold.

So let’s dip dye everything! I promise you’ll love it. And it only takes an hour at the most!

Dip Dye Your Stuff
Idea adapted from some of my fave pins

  1. Find something to paint! Like a bowl, vase, or berry basket.
  2. Tape it! Cover the side you want to remain the original color with painter’s tape. I like to do this on a diagonal:
  3. Paint it! Place your taped item on a paper bag on the grass, and spray paint it! Flip and paint the opposite side. Paint few more coats as needed.
  4. Reveal! Take the tape off and pat yourself on the back. Show your boo. Show your pup. Show your neighbor.

Paint things gold for the glamorous Fergie in all of us.

You might find yourself frantically searching for more things to paint.

16 thoughts on “Dip Dye Your Stuff {DIY}”

      1. This is funny to me because I just watched Goldfinger again last night. And also because you’re funny. I’ve been dip dying lately too! It’s fun.

  1. ah! i just bought a bunch of spray paint for some terracotta pots and now i’m going nuts with it! pretty soon the entire house is going to be gold and white!

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