Party Time

The 6th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party

Sunday was the 6th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party and Monday was Washington’s Birthday. So I had the day after the party off! It was a Valentine’s miracle! I decorated by repurposing last year’s big fringe garland giving it the horizontal remix. I also decided to cut a big heart (super-jagged-like) out of two pieces of foam core and top it with fringe! For the savory goodness, this year, I made: Cobb Salad Deviled Eggs, breakfast sausage…

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Let’s fry our breakfast. Let’s roll it in sugar. Let’s toast with donuts. Cheers! My mom used to make us these tasty Romanian donuts on very special occasions; Christmas, mostly. She would put a giant plate of them in the center of the table and we’d all sit there patiently with a cup of sugar ready for dunking. My mom grew up eating these too! This recipe is from my Great Grandma, Sophie, and it’s…

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