Homemade Hani O’clock

I love Hanis. I just really do! Go get one from National Coney Island with a coney dog for dessert! Oh! And fries. Definitely, fries. Better yet, make one at home! And the lettuce and tomato makes this sandwich kinda Christmas-y, wouldn’t you say? Anyhow, these are made on fluffy pita bread (like naan!) and are made with swiss and American cheese. I went the swiss and brie route though and it totally tastes similar! Brie melts similarly…

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Monte Cristo Mac & Cheese Nuggets

Oh man, this is a sandwich in a mac & cheese outfit. These little nuggets taste exactly like a monte cristo! I mean, it’s totally a pasta miracle. And if you guys don’t want to fry this up, it’s ok! I know it’s early-ish on in the year and we’re trying to be health-concious. So, if you don’t want to fry it, then don’t bother. Bake it up and enjoy straight away, but just know…

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