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Monte Cristo Mac & Cheese Nuggets

Oh man, this is a sandwich in a mac & cheese outfit. These little nuggets taste exactly like a monte cristo! I mean, it’s totally a pasta miracle. And if you guys don’t want to fry this up, it’s ok! I know it’s early-ish on in the year and we’re trying to be health-concious. So, if you don’t want to fry it, then don’t bother. Bake it up and enjoy straight away, but just know…

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Christmas 2011 – A Recap

I hope you all the best holiday! We ate tasty-goodness, as is our tradition. We wrote out the menu for our feast Christmas Eve. It involved breakfast, daytime snacking, and a big dinner. I made us sweet and savory crepes for breakfast. Half with strawberry jam, strawberries, and brie, and the rest were filled with crispy proscuitto, gruyere, and spinach. I’m the sweetie to Jake’s savory. We’re a food ying-yang. I pick dessert and he picks…

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