Braided Cinnamon Bread

I’ve been wanting to swirly-twirl braid up some cinnamon rolls for awhile. It’s way easier than fish-tail braiding hair. I mean, I assume so since I didn’t have to watch a youtube tutorial in order to get this dough swirled, twirled, and ready to head out on the town… That is, if “head out” means riding on a rainbow potholder on the floor of your car and “the town” is your boyfriend’s house. I’d recommend baking…

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Braided Egg Bread

One cool thing about this bread is that when sliced it looks like a cloud. Another cool thing about this bread is that it’s freckled. The obviously cool thing is that it’s braided. Twice! Double decker braiding action happens. You might think it’s so pretty that you’ll take a picture of it to your hair stylist to duplicate. I wouldn’t blame you a bit. So, see how you braid it? Start in the middle and…

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