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Boozy Eggnog Milkshake w/ Maker’s 46

Things that make me happy: Elliot, brunch, NAPS, metallic shoes, pink Christmas trees, silver Christmas trees, mini Christmas trees and boozy milkshakes. So when Maker’s Mark contacted me and was all “Hey girl, want to make an eggnog cocktail with fancy bourbon?!” I responded with a super profesh-ish, “Hell yeah.” Or something like that. When I think of eggnog, I think of it kinda as drinking an ice cream base. Which is weird of me,…

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Strawberry Moscow Mules

This drink is my favorite. I kinda won’t shut up about it. Sorry, guys. But mostly once you make it you’ll probably want to shout it from the rooftops too. And if you don’t have a rooftop, then maybe from the top of your picnic table like the neighbor dog that barks incessantly and sounds like he swallowed a speaker and then is barking through it somehow. It is really the un-cutest especially at 2am, however…

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