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Door to Door Organics // Unboxing

Hey guys ! I’ve partnered up with Door to Door Organics and it’s fun already. I’ve eaten bagels and jam, cookies for breakfast, Lara Bars for snacks, roasted up a ton of veggies for dinner, mashed pinto beans for in veggie burgers, and eaten salsa out of desperate hunger. And guess what! I’ve got a little something for you good-lookin’ folks. Place an order for your first Door to Door Organics box and use the discount code “MEGABITE”…

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Super Cheesy Potato Gratin

But for real… how do you say “gratin”? Does it rhyme with rotten? Is it more like afghan, but French-ish and without the “f”? Honestly, when I was telling people what I was making I felt like a weirdo. Like when you read a word a bunch but never say it out loud so when you do realize you don’t really know how to say it after all. But silly pronunciation aside, this gratin isn’t…

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