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Banana Bread Remixes for Betty Crocker

Here’s some honesty. I live alone, right? Just me and Elliot the pup. And the truth is, I pretty much never have leftover banana bread. I always WANT to have leftover banana bread for cubing and mixing into ice cream, baking as french toast sticks, or for sandwiching with Nutella and toasted coconut, but when I have banana bread I eat it for every meal. The day I was sorting out the details for this…

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Cranberry Orange Bread

Are you guys ready for Christmas? In my head and heart Christmas is next month, next year, not next week. But at least I have a fun 60’s aluminum tree up with approximately 4 ornaments on it. And at least I wrote Bah Humbug on my chalkboard, right? And at least I put some gold tinsel up and some pink snowflakes on the windows. I’m trying, you guys. Although, I haven’t baked any Christmas cookies…

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