Party Time

The 4th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year we celebrated with brunch (again)! The flat is currently covered in pink, red, and gold. There are buntings, fringe, and glitter everywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s on my face right now. I was super into painting things gold and fringe, this year. I even gave the table a fringe-y skirt since the craft paper wasn’t wide enough to cover the whole thing. (Lookin’ good, table!) Eventually I put some chili…

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Monkey Bread Minis

The fellows from Baked warned me in Baked Explorations about how good this bread is and how it’s easy to eat a lot of it. So, I’ve been waiting to make monkey bread for when a group of people would be over. Our annual Valentine’s brunch party was the perfect occasion! I decided to make minis because I’ve noticed that when people come over they don’t want to work for their food. They don’t want…

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