Months of Megabites (2012)

January Focaccia Cake + Spinach Dip (I still daydream about this.) February Mushroom Fontina Pizza Plus The Valentine’s Brunch Party March Breakfast Grilled Cheese: Brie, Jam, and Chocolate Chunk Bread April Vegan Chocolate Cake Blizzard (You wouldn’t even know it’s vegan!) May Forest Honey Shortbread Fries (Salty sweet dreams.) June Strawberry Sorbet Honey Shortcakes July Strawberry Rhubarb Sweet Rolls (Swirly twirly delicious.) August S’mores Pop Tarts (Homemade pop tarts are total hotties.) September White Pizza with Lemony Greens Plus I went to New York! October Pumpkin Crepes (Let’s eat crepes every day!) November Ginger Beer…

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